An old Dartmouth farm

Salt Marsh Farm is a historic farm in Dartmouth Massachusetts.  The farm was originally built by Isaac Howland in the early 1700’s.  He was given the land in his father Benjamin's will.  Isaac and his wife Hannah (Allen) raised their 8 children on the farm.  Through the years many other families lived in the original farmhouse keeping various livestock and continuing to farm the land.  The farmhouse has been through a few cycles of renovations and modifications, but most of the original structure exists as the front of the house today.

We began our apiary with bees from 2 beekeepers in Vermont who have been raising treatment-free bees for over 10 years.  The many issues facing today’s honey bees have generated significant debate among beekeepers, governments and pharmaceutical companies.  Beekeepers differ in their approaches to raising bees in this new environment confronting the hazards of pesticides, mites and diseases.  After our own research, we decided it made the most sense to raise our bees without any type of chemical intervention intended to ward off pests or diseases.  We agreed those methods seemed only to be strengthening the pests and weakening the bees.  The honey produced by our bees is therefore not affected by anything harmful introduced into the hive.  We spin the honey out of the comb and pour it into bottles as raw honey.  We believe honey produced this way with treatment-free bees is better for the bees and for us.